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Polished Concrete is fast becoming the ultimate no-wax flooring material. Thanks to recent advances in polishing equipment and technique, contractors are now grinding concrete floor surface, whether new or old, to a high-gloss finish that never needs waxes or coatings. Click on Photo Gallery above to see pictures of our work.
“Its really one of those things you have to see with your own eyes.
Retail, warehouse and office facilities are using polished concrete floors over marble, granite, tile, linoleum, and coated concrete. And now homeowners are taking note and are seeking these smooth, high-luster floors that can replicate the look of polished stone for their own homes.
Polishing concrete is similar to sanding wood. Heavy-duty polishing machines equipped with progressively finer grits of diamond-impregnated segments or disks (akin to sandpaper) are used to gradually grind down surfaces to the desired degree of shine and smoothness.
Almost any structurally sound concrete floor, whether new or old, can be polished. But there are some exceptions. Floors that are wavy, need extensive patching, or are extremely porous may not be good candidates for polishing. An experienced contractor can usually determine a floors suitability.
There are numerous options available with polished concrete, including:
  • Colored aggregate can be applied to the concrete mix or seeded into the top layer of the mix. The polishing process will reveal these aggregate.
  • Integrally colored concrete can be used.
  • Glass can be seeded into the mix. The polishing process will reveal the glass pieces.
  • Nails, bolts, computer chips, or any other objects can be seeded into the mix and polished smooth.
Of course, any of these options can be combined together or into a pattern.

Living with concrete floors


Concrete flooring is growing in popularity as more homeowners realize the fantastic benefits concrete offers. Additionally, new processes and technologies have been developed to make concrete one of the most affordable and versatile flooring materials. There aren’t many disadvantages associated with concrete flooring. However, homeowners should consider whether the benefits of concrete flooring outweigh the few disadvantages.
The Benefits of Concrete Flooring
Eco-Friendly & Energy Saving – If sustainability and eco-friendliness are important to you, then concrete flooring is a great option. Concrete floors are eco-friendly for several reasons:
1) They use less energy in production compared to any other flooring type.
2) No trees need to be cut down.
3) Concrete is recyclable!
4) Choosing concrete floors helps minimize waste. Other flooring types create lots of waste, such as the waste from carpet padding and carpet scraps.
5) Concrete floors do not contain harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds), as many synthetic carpets do.
Concrete floors have energy-saving capabilities. They can make you feel cooler in the summer, so there is less of a need to use the air conditioning. During the winter, concrete floors absorb the heat from the sun, helping to keep your home warm.
Economical – Concrete flooring allows you to save by eliminating the need to purchase an additional floor covering. When you choose concrete flooring, the floor slab is the floor covering.
Cost-Efficient – The average cost of concrete flooring is more than other residential flooring types but the return is higher as the floor will never need replacement. The higher cost results from the finishing of the floors, often completed by a concrete artisan. The average cost for concrete floor installation (including the decorative finishing) is about $15-$18 per square foot.
Design Options – There are literally endless design options. Concrete floor artisans can create and design a floor to your specifications.
Durable – Concrete floors can last a lifetime if maintained properly. There are no tears, staining, flood damage or signs of wear associated with concrete flooring.
Low Maintenance – Depending on the amount of traffic, concrete floors need to be resealed about every two years. This inexpensive process will help ensure a long life for your floors. Cleaning is easy: simply sweep and wash with vinegar or a gentle floor cleaner.
Improves Indoor Air Quality – Unlike carpeting, concrete floors do not harbor dust mites. For allergy sufferers, concrete floors can be a blessing

Concrete floors

Concrete floors in its “natural” state is a porous product that is susceptible to efflorescence, spalling and dusting; and it does not provide an aesthetic finish, nor is it easily cleaned. That’s why Advanced Floor Products has created a science and art that revolves around the conversion of concrete from being a plain, boring, and porous industrial floor, to being one of strength, longevity and beauty. Rather than continually having to cover up the floor and trying to hide the inherent problems, only to create new ones, our skilled Certified Applicators create a floor that meets your long-term needs. Through the use of our patented process of diamond grinding and polishing, in conjunction with the specially formulated RetroPlate, we eliminate your need for all topical sealers. We eliminate moisture vapor problems. Bottom line: Look at the true costs of the product that you choose…and RetroPlate will generally be your cost effective choice. Short term or long term: we deliver the best!
Concrete in its “natural” state is a porous product that is susceptible to efflorescence, spalling and dusting; and it does not provide an aesthetic finish, concrete floors nor is it easily cleaned. That’s why Advanced Floor Products has created a science and art that revolves around the conversion of concrete from being a plain, boring, and porous industrial floor, to being one of strength, longevity and beauty. Rather than continually having to cover up the floor and trying to hide the inherent problems, only to create new ones, our skilled Certified Applicators create a floor that meets your long-term needs. Through the use of our patented process of diamond grinding and polishing, in conjunction with the specially formulated RetroPlate, we eliminate your need for all topical sealers. We eliminate moisture vapor problems. Bottom line: Look at the true costs of the product that you choose…and RetroPlate will generally be your cost effective choice. Short term or long term: we deliver the best concrete floors
CONCRETE FLOOR IN OC ORANGE COUNTY AND NEWPORT will add valaue to you home and there easy maintenance will thrill you. In two words

Concrete Staining Concrete Resurfacing

If you recently ripped out carpet, tile, or linoleum, or your pool deck and driveway are all cracked up, there is a remedy. Concrete staining, polishing, and concrete overlays make your existing concrete beautiful again.

Concrete Staining

For a mottled, variegated look, concrete staining is the way to go. We have a wide pallete of colors to match any architectural style. Choose either glossy or satin finish. Concrete staining, interior or exterior, is an easy way to add value to your property.

Concrete Polishing

Concrete polishing means grinding your concrete floors with finer and finer grit diamonds. Concrete polishing leaves a smooth, glossy interior floor that lasts for years. Polished concrete can also be stained. Polished concrete is for interiors, only.

Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing is a way to turn your messed up slab into a fresh canvas. We apply a thin concrete microtopping that can be changed to the natural look of flagstone, slate, or marble without the expensive mess. We can also create a sleek, ultra modern look. Every slab becomes a unique, one-of-a-kind bit of art that reflects the personality of its owner.

Concrete Finishing

Whether you want glossy, haute-couture floors or a natural, satin finish, Coolstone Concrete Design and Resurfacing can create it for you. All without expensive tear-out and demolition.

Some benefits of concrete floors resurfacing in orange county:

1. About half the cost of tear-out and pouring new concrete floors
2. Hypoallergenic concrete floors
3. Eco-friendly concrete floors, with less natural resources used in production
4. Completely customizable concrete floors 5. Easy to clean concrete floors
Concrete Polishing
by Jeff Potvin, The Concrete Network
As an engineer, I visualize a commercial floor as a thick concrete slab with lots of reinforcement. I’m thinking of the loads that the slab will need to resist, not the abrasion that it will see on the surface: but concrete in commercial and industrial applications must support heavy loads and resist surface wear.
Some say the surface of concrete is weak and needs to be coated with a more durable finish. Others say that the strength of the concrete is below the surface. According to some, concrete polishing is becoming the universal choice for commercial flooring. I’m going to take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of this process.
Concrete polishing, or “slab restoration” (as Kerry Pauley, president of The Irony Pony, Ltd., refers to it as), is being used throughout the country. Here is why: commercial concrete is often protected from wear and dusting with topical sealers and coatings. These sealers and coatings can range in cost from 50 cents per s.f. for topical sealers, to $10 per s.f. for epoxy and urethane- based coatings. Concrete polishing prices will range from $3-7 per s.f. for a 3,000 grit finish based on size of the project and the number of obstacles. “A 3,000 grit finish includes the use of an impregnating sealer that reacts with the concrete and fills the surface voids,” says Pauley.
The installation costs for polished concrete is half to one third the cost of coatings, but that’s not where the savings really lie. “Polishing concrete improves the overall quality of the floor,” says Poinsettia Byrd with VIC International. The long-term maintenance costs can be astronomical for a commercial floor. Businesses such as manufactures, department stores, restaurants, and car dealers use polishing because coatings and sealers can have issues such as delaminating, staining and wear through. The life of some of these finishes can often be measured in months, resulting in constant up-keep. Polishing concrete produces an extremely dense, abrasion resistant surface that will not delaminate.
The polished surface may lose some of its shine over time in areas of heavy forklift and foot traffic. The shine can be brought back with minimal aggravation and cost. The only maintenance a polished floor will need is the removal of abrasives such as sand. Depending on the use of the floor, cleaning with a light detergent may also be needed. The service life of polished concrete cannot be determined as of yet since it is a fairly new process. But some existing polished concrete jobs that see heavy forklift traffic are over 5 years old and performing well with minimal maintenance.
Other benefits that commercial and industrial property owners see in polishing concrete are reflectance, slip resistance, low VOC’s
Cleaning concrete is easy and is an important step towards prolonging the life of your beautiful floors, countertops, patios, or other polished concrete. Here are some tips for cleaning your concrete to keep it
looking beautiful. Regular maintenance and concrete cleaning are necessary to keep your concrete looking as fresh and beautiful as the day it was finished. Over time, dirt that is not removed from the surface of the concrete will make its way further into the concrete and could cause significant damage. Don’t waste thousands of dollars refinishing your concrete if you don’t have to. Your local contractor can introduce you to many affordable methods of cleaning your concrete and restoring it to its original beauty and luster
cleaning concrete stains afterIndoor concrete floors(light cleaning) –
When beverages and other liquids are spilled on concrete, they may leave noticeable spots. Usually soap and water will be enough to clean cola, coffee, and other beverages out of your concrete. For tougher spots, your contractor can help. Cleaning tough spots without ruining the paint, epoxy and stamping on your floor is a delicate project that requires special cleaners and tools; cleaners that are tough enough to get out the stain, yet gentle enough to keep your decorative floor intact.
If your concrete has become dirty with mold and mildew, identified by patchy black spots, don’t lose hope, this too can be cleaned with the help of your contractor. Mold and mildew can spread throughout your home quickly and mold spores can cause many illnesses including asthma and irritable bowel syndrome. If you suspect that you have mold or mildew on your concrete, be sure to contact a contractor immediately before your family’s health is impacted. Since mold and mildew are caused by moisture, your contractor may also check the surrounding area for any leaks that could be causing the excess moisture.
steam cleaned concrete floorOutdoor concrete(heavy cleaning)
When dirt, dust, and grime collect on your outdoor concrete surface, it may begin to look black or brown in appearance. Whether you’ve got tobacco stains, charcoal, soil or other outdoor debris on your concrete, your contractor knows how to get it out without leaving any indication that it ever existed. Sometimes, black or brown spots on your concrete can be oily—especially on concrete used in a garage or as a driveway. Because oil and grease are so difficult to remove from concrete, harsh and toxic chemicals are used. Calling in a contractor is imperative since the harsh chemicals may damage your concrete or your health if not handled properly.
cleaning grease and oil from concrete floors
For many difficult stains and dirt spots, steam cleaning and water blasting are safe, non-toxic and effective cleaning methods. The equipment used for steam cleaning and power cleaning concrete floors can be unwieldy and expensive. Additionally, too much concentrated focus with a power washer on your finished concrete floors could damage the paint or stamping on the surface. Your contractor has all the appropriate equipment and experience to clean these stains without damaging your concrete floors.
Costa Mesa Green Home Tour
Concrete Floors in Los Angeles environmentally-friendly to the max at home.
Updated: Friday, 02 Jul 2010, 8:46 PM PDT
Published : Friday, 02 Jul 2010, 8
By Web Staff
Costa Mesa – There’s a new home in Costa Mesa that ensures the owner will go green in just about every way possible… and do it in style.
The six-bedroom, 4,900 square foot home takes the prize as Orange County’s highest rated home by the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for homes program.
The entire house is built with conservation of the environment in mind.
From the home orientation to capture solar heating… polished concrete flooring by marble shooters to filters that pump shower and bath water back into irrigation and toilets for water recycling… to the installation of non-invasive landscape and photovoltaic cells that provide 90-percent of the energy needed to run the home.
How much? The asking price… just under $2.6 million.
At Marble Shooters we were glad to be a part of this polished concrete flooring project
Want to know more about it? You can take a quick tour in the video or check out costamesagreen. com for a really detailed look at the concrete floors
Concrete Floors are expanding and developing many new techniques and products for the Concrete Polishing Industry. The industry is in a crucial point as there are many contractors that do subpar work and call it “Concrete Polishing.” Thus a need for an independent technical institute that “IT IS THE INTENT OF THE INSTITUTE to establish standards for concrete floors through accreditation, and to provide quality education and support for Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, Property Owners, Interior Designers, and Concrete Processing/Polishing Contractors/ concrete floors
Progressive Concrete Floors
This retail store’s beach and ocean theme was enhanced with a variegated concrete floor. Using a turquoise acid stain, Matt Hine of Progressive Concrete floors was able to incorporate the aqua color of the store’s logo into the concrete floors.
Finished concrete saves energy in several ways. In the summer time, a slab in contact with the ground draws the earth’s own natural cooling abilities into the building. In the winter, if a building has been designed to expose the slab to natural sunlight concrete floors, it will soak up this radiant heat. Then at night the slab will release the heat into the building to provide a more uniformly warmer interior. Both of these are examples of concrete’s inherent thermal mass capability, which save money on heating and cooling costs of concrete floors
concrete floors
New Polished Concrete Slab
New Polished Concrete Slab
New floors require less work resulting in lower costs, but there are a few things to be aware of before a new concrete floor can be polished. Firstly the slab can contain a decorative aggregate. The two most common aggregates are river stone, granite, and black basalt mix, however the aggregate can be almost anything. The finished surface of the concrete will need to be finished to a high standard to facilitate the polishing process. During the finishing phase any decorative aggregates such as seashells or car parts can be dropped into the surface of the concrete. Builder needs to be aware as early as possible if the concrete is to be polished so that the final finish is of the best quality.
Retrofit concrete floors can be done in two ways. The existing concrete floors slab can be cut or sanded and the natural aggregate will be the feature or a topping slab with a minimum thickness of 50 mm can be added on top of the existing concrete floors slab.
We service Los Angeles and Orange County. Ladera Ranch, Costa Mesa, Dana Point, Palm Springs, Palm Desert
Are Concrete Floors Hard on the Feet?
The reality:
Yes, concrete floors are a hard material and won’t cushion or “give” under bare feet.
The pluses:
  • Concrete floors hardness also contributes to its durability and abrasion resistance. In a commercial or warehouse setting, hard is good. You need a hard surface that can stand up to forklift traffic and heavy foot traffic.
  • For a residential concrete floors, you can help cushion concrete with area rugs (which are easier to clean than wall-to-wall carpet).
  • While concrete floors may be hard, it’s not abrasive to the feet, especially if it’s polished or has a smooth finish.
Concrete floors
The short answer to concrete polishing is that it’s the best way to turn a floor that looks like it was poured for a garage into a concrete polishing floor that looks like it was designed for a palace. Imagine turning a plain concrete surface into a floor that gleams like marble!dedication to detail, state of the art equipment, and pride taken in workmanship are why you need to call on Marble Shooters for your Concrete Polished needs. At Marble Shooters we work around your busy schedule, causing little or no down time. Experience, reliable, and efficiency add to making your decision to hire Marble Shooters the right decision. New concrete or existing, clear application or dyed our customers are amazed with the finish Marble Shooters is capable of producing great concrete floors
The Kings Of Concrete floors and Marble Shooters. We Are Best in Kingdom and County. PERHAPS THE WORLD!
We spend hours every day researching and applying the latest in lasting durable and beauitful concrete finishes. We have more than one opition for your floor. So we are confident that we can help you to make the correct choice. We will make the garage your warehouse or your living room the easiest surface to clean and perhaps the most beautiful! We are a family owned business and we share over 50 years of working knowledge. Your satisfaction means everything to us. We take pride in our workmanship and count on your referrals for more than 70% of our business. We are AA rated with the better bussiness bureau and licensed with the State Of California for decorative concrete floors
Concrete floors need to be applied with coatings because people walk all over them without much regard to their preservation. In other instances, they are exposed to seepage and moisture intrusion. As a result, these concrete floors would slowly erode because they are not tightly sealed under a waterproof coating, epoxy floor coating or concrete floors. Parking spaces and garages need to be applied with garage concrete floors since these are always under pressure with cars constantly passing over them. Without quality concrete floors, renovation that should take place in a longer period of time tends to happen earlier than expected. Then, there would be a loss of money and investments.
Another factor that should be considered is the use of epoxy concrete floors. In deciding on what materials to use in constructing your dream house or industrial building, the basic things that you should prioritize is the quality and durability. Constructing buildings that are intended for business or manufacturing should make use of industrial concrete floors. Note that using a lesser kind of coating will greatly affect your investments. So, invest properly and wisely. Not only would these coatings make your building attractive but it would maintain its foundation longer than you expect. Making use of concrete floors materials that were well-thought of and designed will reinforce your facilities against any industrial hazards or extreme climate and weather changes on your concrete floors
Concrete floors done by poliahing or coatings are one of the most resilient types of construction material but undoubtedly; it is also vulnerable to destruction. In time, there will be damages on its surface that leaves very unwanted and unsafe conditions. As a natural resort, people will replace it with a new one. But wait, innovated machinery and highly improved technology allows us to do things that were not available and possible before. Now, we can repair and improve damages by simply resurfacing it. With this move, we can economize and have a practical solution that is of high-quality and excellent durability on your concrete floors At present, establishments in Los Angeles and Orange County are resorting to many innovative methods to preserve their investments. They want every part of their facilities be made of the best materials and installed with meticulousness. Concrete Floors are very important part of structures because they are constantly exposed to wear and tear. Nowadays, various types of floorings are found in the market and one of the highest in-demand is concrete floors.
Here is the edited text.
The truth of the matter is to make an informed decision you need two things;
Knowledge and Choices. We can provide you both; with over twenty years of
experience in concrete & stone we have seen it all and tried it all. From
initial concrete design, to color and pattern cuts, together we will design the
perfect floor for you.
With options ranging from Polished, Stained, Dyed, and Coated Concrete we can
provide the solution that is custom tailored to your specific needs.
Please review our pictures by clicking on the icons below. If you would like a
free estimate or if we can assist in answering any questions you might have
please do not hesitate to call or email. It is our pleasure to serve you.
Polished Concrete:
We transform your existing concrete floor slab into a high shine, low maintenance work
of art. Using the latest technological advancements such as: Diamond grinders,
concrete consolidators, dyes, stains, and sealers, we can turn your concrete
into a unique work of art. Offering the look and durability of stone without the
extensive maintenance or high price tag.
Concrete Floors Coatings:
When it comes to coatings, not all flooring is created equal. Many competitors
or big-box stores use low grade coatings that are designed to keep costs down
instead of perform or last. We use all industrial grade products that are
designed to cover, seal, and enhance your existing concrete slab. Our 100%
solids epoxy is the base of our chip system and is sealed with a two-part
solvent based polyurethane top coat that is impervious to UV rays, oil, and even
hot tires. Providing a superior floor covering that is guaranteed to last.
Stain & Sealed Concrete floors:
Staining and sealing is the most affordable way of transforming your existing
concrete floors into a finished floor. Using an acrylic color, dye, or acid stain we
can quickly convert your old dingy concrete slab to a beautiful piece of
decorative concrete floors. You can even choose your finishes; from matte, satin, all
the way to high gloss. Sealer choices include: Acrylic, Epoxy, Impregnator, or
Polyurethane. Stain & Sealed Concrete is the must have option for all the bare
concrete floors in your life.
Concrete Floors Design:
Using saw cuts and multiple color schemes we can create a personalized work of
art that will have people second guessing on what kind of surface they are
looking at. Patterns and colors can be tailored to make everything from shapes
to logos. Helping re-create the beauty and uniqueness of stone that will no
doubt leave a lasting impression with everyone that views your concrete floors.
Why Concrete Floors Are Pet-Friendly
Pet friendly flooring
Dear Roy,
Your clients who have pets consider them to be important members of the family, and will often think about the needs of their four-footed companions when choosing the flooring materials they use in their home. This is a great selling point for concrete, since few flooring materials are friendlier to pets and their owners than concrete. Not only do concrete floors stand up well to claws and muddy paws, they can also contribute to pet comfort and health.
1) They resist pet stains and odors.
When the pores in concrete are sealed with a protective film-forming sealer or floor finish, pet urine can’t seep into the floor and leave behind lingering odors and stains.
2) They are easy to clean.
When family pets shed fur or race through the house with rain-soaked or muddy paws, cleaning up after them is no sweat if the floors are concrete. Tell homeowners that they can simply give the floor a few swipes with a broom, towel or mop, and the mess is history. See Caring for Concrete Floors.3) They won’t trap pet dander, fleas or mites.
In addition to fur, pets shed animal dander that can aggravate allergies in people who are sensitive. Smooth floor surfaces like concrete won’t trap this dander the way carpet will, making the dander easy to remove during routine cleaning. Concrete floors also won’t harbor fleas or mites that pets may carry into the home. (For more information, watch the video Controlling Allergen)4) They are nontoxic.
Synthetic carpets can emit volatile organic compounds, or
VOCs, as can some carpet adhesives and padding. Some of
the adhesives used under vinyl sheet goods and linoleum can
also emit VOCs. Concrete floors, stained with nontoxic
pigments, do not release VOCs that can be harmful to homeowners as well as their concrete floors .
Because hot air rises, many homes tend to be colder at floor level. And since that’s where pets spend most of their time, the ability to warm up concrete floors with radiant heating will keep them comfortable while saving the homeowner big money on energy bills.6) They are scratch resistant concrete floors.Scratch-resistant floor
Rambunctious pets and their claws can really scratch up hardwood flooring. Concrete floors are inherently scratch resistant, and when protected with a good sealer or concrete floors wax, they are virtually scratchproof concrete floors. View this chart comparing the performance of concrete floors sealers.

What to expect when you hire a concrete floors contractor

When you hire a contractor to resurface your concrete floors, the first thing they will do is thoroughly clean the area. The best way to do this is with a pressure washer. It takes a very small amount of residual dirt on the surface of your concrete floors to botch the resurfacing. Since dust and dirt can crop up easily from any chips or cracks your concrete floors has, it’s important for your contractor to thoroughly clean those areas.
More department stores, manufacturing companies, hotels, restaurants and even airports are using the Polished Concrete. This just proves that that more people sees the benefits and beauty of concrete polishing. It also goes to say that concrete polishing does not have to be confined in doors, it can also be used out doors.
Dull gray cement floors are gradually changing into a work of art. As more people enjoy the beauty of concrete polishing, day by day there are new ways to enhance it. Just to site a few, you can stain it, add die to it your concrete floors, and arrange glass, nails or bolts to create a design. You can even have your concrete floor engraved. Concrete Polishing for concrete floor is a process for turning a concrete floor into a highly abrasion resistant, incredibly dense, smooth and visually appealing surface on concrete floors
Concrete floors
Concrete has long been known for its durability and cost-saving features. With modern technologies, homeowners and business owners are finding they can harness these advantages of concrete in their floor along with many other added benefits. Polished concrete is a popular alternative to other flooring materials because of three noteworthy benefits: lower total cost, lower maintenance, and aesthetics.
Polished concrete’s superior durability and performance have made it a top finish for retail stores, warehouses, office facilities, and municipalities. Homeowners, as well, are selecting these smooth, high-luster floors that imitate the look of polished stone.
Polished concrete floors are very economical. Unlike many other floor surface materials, a polished concrete floors can last up to ten years or longer before it needs to be refinished. Maintenance on a polished concrete floors is also minimal, thereby reducing costs associated with keeping floors clean, durable, and traffic-friendly.
Polished concrete floors are striking in appearance. The exposure of the aggregate in the concrete floors unveils a look of stone. There are a variety of colors available on the market to stain or in some other way modify the color and look of the polished concrete floors. There are also various levels of sheen depending on the degree of reflectivity and shine that is desired.
1. Construction of a structure with a stained concrete floor is really no more difficult or demanding than the case of any other flooring as long as a few common sense rules are observed to preserve the natural beauty of the concrete.
2. Do not mark or discolor the floor with paint, siliconeoil, plumbers glue, purple primer, masking tape, gasoline, sheetrockmud, red or blue chalk, grease pencil, magic marker, ink pens, and anything else you would not get all over a hardwood floor.We do have techniques that can remove some of these blemishes, however, this will not yield perfect results, it is costly and should be avoided.
3. Driving nails into the floor for wall braces will result in big ugly holes when you remove the nails. Plan “A” do not drive nails into the floor, plan “B” if you drive a nail into the floor “DO NOT REMOVE IT!!!” We can remove them without making the big ugly holes. We suggest bracing the walls by nailing the foot of the brace to the baseplate of the opposite wall.
4. Never pour acid of any kind on the floor. Acid will neutralize the lime in the concrete making it inert and unstainable.
5. Avoid cutting plywood,siding, USB etc. on a 2×4 laying on the concrete. The blade can strike the concrete when the plywood flexes making ugly irregular scoremarks on the concrete.
6. Never put tape on the floor! Tape will pull up tiny particles from the concrete surface when it is removed. When these areas are stained they will be darker than the rest of the floorand shaped exactly like the piece of tape that was on the concrete.
Comparative Installation and Maintenance Costs for Polished Concrete Floors Based on a survey conducted by the National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association, the information
below compares the cost per square foot of commonly used commercial flooring materials and polished concrete floors. This recent examination of flooring costs over a 20 year span illustrates not only some of the hidden costs involved in the purchase and installation of various materials, it also illustrates the dramatic difference in the cost of these materials.
Costs per Square Installed Annual Years Replacement Total Exp. Cost PSF
Foot Cost Maint. Av. Life Cost 20 Years /Year
Vinyl Sheet Flooring $2.72 $1.39 9 $3.43 $38.14 $1.91
Vinyl Tile Flooring $1.23 $1.47 15 $1.60 $32.76 $1.64
Ceramic Mosaic Tile $6.48 $1.22 20 $30.88 $1.54
Quarry Tile $5.78 $0.58 20 $30.18 $1.51
Cement Terrazzo $8.50 $0.46 20 $20.10 $1.01
Granit-Glaze $6.50 $0.46 20 $15.70 $0.79
PolishedCrete $3.98* $0.00 20 $3.98 $0.19
7. Do not leave nails or other metal objects on wet concrete. The nails will rust and leave nail shaped dark red spots on the floor. Similar blemishes can occur if lumber is left lying on the concrete in wet conditions.
8. Orange chalk should be used to srike lines for laying out walls etc. The good thing about orange chalk is that water washes it away completely. Never use blue chalk on your concrete floors as it cannot be removed and can easily be seen through most concrete floors stain colors. Red chalk is also permanent and should be avoided on concrete floors.
Concrete floors

Polished concrete floors are one of the most popular types of flooring today. You can transform your old slab floors with one of the most versatile, inexpensive flooring materials available, adding incredible value and beauty to your home. Once concrete has been polished, it becomes more stain resistant, stronger, easier to maintain and of course, very beautiful.