Polished Concrete:

We transform your existing concrete slab into a high shine mirror finish low maintenance work of art. Using the latest in technological advancements that includes: Diamond grinding, concrete consolidators , dyes and color stains, and sealing. We can turn your concrete into a unique work of art, with the look of stone and the durability of granite, with little maintenance.

Stain & Seal:

We diamond grind your existing concrete floor to prep the surface. We then will stain the concrete with a variety of applications, from Acid stain, Acetone dye, to water based stains. Once the right look is accomplished, we will seal the surface with everything from Solvent based poly urethanes, clear epoxies, to water based acrylic sealers. The end product leaves you with a highly durable concrete looking floor for all types of budgets.

Concrete Coatings:

When it comes to coatings, not everyone floor is created equal. We use all industrial grade products that are designed to cover, seal, and enhance your existing concrete slab. Our 100% solids epoxy is the base of our chip system that is sealed with a two part solvent based polyurethane top coat that is impervious to UV rays, oil, and even hot tires.


By using saw cuts and multiple color schemes, we can create an individual work of art that will have people second guessing on what kind of surface they are looking at. This well in turn give you the beauty and uniqueness of stone with the durability of concrete.

2017 - The Kings of Concrete.