Concrete Polishing & Staining

Concrete Diamond Polishing & Permanent Color Staining

Nothing wears better or is longer lasting without maintenance then Polished Concrete. Marble Shooters can transform your garage, home, or office's existing concrete into a work of art that is both durable and beautiful creating the look of stone or granite without all the maintenance issues by cutting, staining and polishing your existing concrete.

It is truly a unique look that all your friends & neighbors will say it must be stone not concrete!

The Polished Concrete surface you see in these photos have no surface coating and the existing slab was used without a overlay. The high shine you see is obtained by first chemically treating the concrete to harden the surface and then the surface is polished as if it were a piece of granite or stone. The hardened mirror finish is achieved by using diamond technology and the finished product is stronger than the original concrete itself.


  • High Shine & Protection
  • Low Maintenance
  • Not a Coating, No More Chipping or Peeling
  • More Affordable then having Marble or Granite Installed.
  • Stone-Like Reflection Ideal for Anyone Concerned with Moisture Levels in their Concrete!

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